Our aim is to work with our clients, embracing their marketing and communication needs to produce strategies that promote their key message and values in a diverse and impacting manner. this regard, cocktail services we provide include the following:

Broadcast Solutions
Working at the heart of the digital revolution, we have developed a strong relationship with the stakeholders in the broadcast industry. As a dedicated supplier and installation company, we have positioned ourselves at the heart of the transition for digital, mobile and multimedia technologies by talking to the people who initiate and manufacture, so that we may be able to understand and achieve the maximum output they intended their equipment to achieve.

Our team of consultant engineers has a track record of innovative solutions for the broadcast industry dating back to the 90’s and together with our sister companies have worked on both Radio and Television Station projects in many parts of the world including but not limited to Italy, Congo, Morocco, Uganda, Chad, Southern Sudan among many others.  This wealth of knowledge is available for whoever is looking at broadcasting as an way of life.

We help Corporations and or organizations procure high-end equipment for their broadcasting needs.  Through our constant research and collaboration with the manufacturers of broadcast systems, we are able to procure exactly what you need to set off for the best signal output in all media

When we procure for you, or you source out your own equipment, we are the best team at configuring and installation of broadcast equipment so as to get maximum output.  We have made several installations for Television & Radio Stations in Uganda, Congo, Southern Sudan, Chad and many others with 100% success.

Promotions & Publicity
Being the core of our company, Publicity is one area where we command full authority when it comes to expertise. From small poster Advertising to Large Format Billboards and Signage, we have all the technical ability that has seen us get international projects that left a mark in the sector

Printing & Graphics
We specialize in printing both large format digital prints and offset printing

Our graphics department handles both still motion graphics which are essential in the formulation of marketing and sales promotion campaigns.  Our team of motion graphics personnel handles our TVC section and the still graphics personnel handle the print section of the department and simultaneously both teams are responsible for the various corporate identity projects we execute from color themes, logos to entire branding identity.

Photography, Filming & Documentaries
Traversing the world, we have documented fascinating stories that have opened the eyes of the world and swung major doors in different capacities from “The Burundi Awakening in Africa, to the IBC Amsterdam and ”The Bicycle Nation” Movies in Holland, “Sights & Sounds of Georgia” and Sharif Bogere – Uganda’s Boxing Champ in Las Vegas, USA, we have told stories that have changed people’s perception through documentaries.