Our vast experience has been achieved through working with a cross section of businesses ranging from non-profit to corporate and retail. Although our clients vary in size from small to large corporations, our niche is helping everyone of our clients to discover their rhythm.  Among the notable organizations we have worked with are StarTimes DTV, Channel44 TV, Water Aid, Unilever Uganda, Sara Lee, Smithkline Beecham and Pride Uganda, among others.


StarTimes DTV
We worked with StarTimes DTV, an international digital TV provider, in 2012. They had a dream to take their business to the next level and draw in a national base of customers, while retaining the local feel of their content. We redesigned their set top box ad to suit the Ugandan audience and the results were astounding. Subsequently, we made several audio jingles for their set-top box promotions.

Channel44 (Miracle Television Ltd.)
From Consultancy to procurement and installation, Channel44 TV, one of the leading Christian Television Stations in Africa, was our premier broadcast project in Uganda.  Working with our Italian counter-parts, we made the first digital ready Television in Uganda.

Pride Uganda
The Nationwide Branding and Re-branding of Pride Uganda initially Pride Africa, was our first major project when we were sub-contracted by Some Graphics Ltd. to fabricate and erect “Pride Welcomes You/Wishes You a Safe Journey” billboards at all the District entry and exit points, plus the signage for offices and  outlets throughout all the districts in Uganda.

The USPA - Brussels Airlines Sponsorship Deal
We brokered a 3-year sponsorship deal between Brussels Airlines and Uganda Sports Press Association during a 3-weeks consultations period as USPA prepared for their First East & Central Africa Sports Journalists’ Convention.

The Convention which had a cocktail of events ranging from The Annual USPA Sports Personalities of the Year Awards, the Road Safety Awareness Week and Media Houses Sports Competitions among others, was crowned by the maiden visit of the World’s Sports Press Associations body (AIPS) President Giovanni Merlo in February 2015.

Unilever Uganda
Throughout Unilever’s initial drive for visibility in the Ugandan market, we played a major role in the Wall and Shop branding campaign which was spread out to all major districts in Uganda.  Promoting their now leading brands like Geisha bathing soap, Close-up tooth-paste, Blue Band margarine, Royco Mchuzi Mix and Omo powder soap was our responsibility.