Rayz Impressions Limited was incorporated and registered as a limited liability company No. 104144 in accordance with the Companies Act (CAP 110) in 2008, whose Tax Identification Number (TIN) is 1001305901.

Having started as a company providing smarter solutions to advertising, we today provide our clients with a complete set of products for Publicity & Sales Promotions, Events Management, Film & Video Production, Broadcasting, Web Designing, as well as providing sub-contractual services.

Vision and Mission Statement:

VISION: To become the leading communications agency in the region, through promoting, capturing and broadcasting events as they unfold.

MISSION: To provide quality, innovative and affordable communication solutions, reaching more people, in the best way possible, with total customer satisfaction – one at a time.

Our Tagline – “Let them Know!”

Our unique blend of skills and experience ranges from print graphics designing to television broadcasting, allowing us to achieve a niche between traditional publicity and high end broadcasting solutions.

Our quest for excellence has led us to search for the best solutions in innovation and technological advancement. Our commitment to excellence has let us to the best in the world of technology meetings and or conventions notably NABShow in Las Vegas, ISE and IBC Amsterdam at the RAI in Netherlands, CNN Center in Atlanta and DV Workshops Film Training in California, among others.

Our staff has not only charisma but also the fresh innovativeness that has been lacking in this industry in this part of the region, and has led us to conjure unthinkable execution methods that have left a big mark on the industry.